2.Emil Andreas Martens

HIS history before United STATES

Chapter 1
As I have written, I would look at Emil Andreas Martens life, after his mother died when Emil was 9 years old in 1904 and he traveled to the United States on May 29, 1913. I have been in Denmark’s state archive several times, there is more than 100 restricted documents concerning his life in that period.
I have had access to those documents, there were also letters from his father to the authorities. But since the language back then it was flourishing and completely different language than today may be many misunderstandings in the statement for your language in those documents. I hope you will be me help with the corrections that might come so we end up with the correct understanding.
Emil’s father Frederick Carl Martens went to Vejle social services in early 1907 when he wanted help because he could not control Emil. He expressed that Emil did not fit his schooling and he was tough and had a defiant mind, bad behavior and tramps.
The custody of minors is not always a straightforward matter if the biological father are unable to take charge himself. And April 22, 1907 gave Emil Andreas Martens father up. Emil was now sent on the first institution “Orø strand” in 1907 driven by the “Christian Association Public accused and punished Children’s Life.”

Chapter 2
This placement on Orø strand was decided by Vejle municipality after obtaining information from his school teacher and that his father had tried to send him to his uncle in Juelsminde, where his performance was impeccable. So by placing outside their own municipality, it is now the state level
Emil Andreas Martens now has a number 173/07 as well as arranged to have number AB933 which will follow him until his departure to the United States May 29, 1913 and he prefers called Andreas and he will then at no point staying with family in Denmark. All the places he was required have to report to the Supreme Council for placement outside the home. This is called OVR. So he will be in different places under the child welfare program in 6 years 1 month and 7 days. I would not exactly call it child’s welfare program, it has not been fun. Upbringing then was hard and smack of was loose.
He was on Orø strand to 14 November In 1907 where he was transferred to private foster care with farmer PD Kristensen Hodsager at Holstebro. How he must continue his schooling. PD Kristensen report May 30, 1908 to OVR that all is well. And the report to OVR May 25, 1909 “less willing to learn but he is nice”. For the foster care by PD Kristensen, the father was to pay 80 Dkr per year.

Chapter 3
It had been agreed with Emil Andreas Martens that after school had apprenticed as a carpenter as desired. On 1 November In 1909 he started as an apprentice with carpenters champion Anders Kristiansen in Riisager Uggerløse by Hjørring. But Emil was unhappy with the place, especially the rules that were on the apprenticeship, smoking was prohibited during working hours and one should not sleep with their work clothes on. Anders Kristiansen wrote to designated duty that Emil would not abide by the rules and was absent from work to buy candy and tobacco, and when his father has written me nasty letters. I prefer that you find another place for Emil. January 5. 1910 started Emil at Tømmermester Ludvigsen in Bollerager per. Esbjerg, but this apprenticeship did not fit Emil and it ended up that he left his job and did not materialize. He was called and the police were looking for him, he had been at home in Vejle, but was warned by his sister, And he skirted he was recognized by a police officer and Emil took a knife from his pocket and opened it, which the policeman took as an act of aggression. The policeman asked him to keep up and give him the knife, Emil closed the knife and handed it to the policeman. Emil was handcuffed and taken to jail and later stand trial.

Chapter 4
In court was argued by Emil had been raging all night and amongst other had torn wooden shelf of the wall and used against them when they opened the cell door. His entire placements were reviewed and the hearing of a police officer, said that he had not felt threatened when Emil had not approached him in any way with the open knife. The judge’s ruling was that Emil Andreas Märtens should be in jail, to the authority had found a place that was safe to place him. The court will not make further. Jailer thought that Emil has acquiesced in the judgment, for he smiled and seemed happy, but one day after a recreation time, missing a large stone around 9 pounds lying in the yard, this had Emil smuggled into his cell where it was found, the question what he would use it for, he would smash the window and escape. Authorities through several institutions before coming forward to sending him to Seden Enggaard by Odense d. jun.13,1910. Driven by association “Christian Association for the Rescue of erring children” (a google translation). But there should not be a long time before Emil’s name again emerged. Tuesday, June 21, 1910 fled Emil from Seden Enggaard. At 3:30 in the morning, he jumped out the window, and broke the door of the isolation room up, and asked the inmate if he wanted to be on the run, but that he would not, Then he took a ladder so he could get to his Sunday clothes. And then he went against Odense. Here he was recognized by an officer and after several escape attempts, he was brought to the police station. He was brought back to Seden Enggaard where he was locked in the isolation cell for a few days. In the beginning he shouted curses and flung out threats, But later, he promised that he would not flee. But June 26, 1910, he escaped again, now with Alfred Michael Nielsen. Vejle police caught them d. June 28 and placed them under arrest. Alfred wanted to return to the Seden Enggaard, but Emil would not give any promise , Then they found that Flakkebjerg reformatory may be there we send him.

Chapter 5
Flakkebjerg is a completely different institution than he has been before, there are more than 50 boys and failed other disiplinen. As well as that at the time were not bridges between the Danish islands, so if Emil would flee home, it was almost impossible. Flakkebjerg educational institution which has just had a new principal who would another human line. There were introduced that had to be written diary of what happened on Flakkebjerg and imposed a punitive diary. It must be said that slaps only introduced in the diary and in punishing book was only posted rattans strokes or police were involved. I have read diaries and punish book for all the time Emil was on Flakkebjerg. When Emil took directly from Flakkebjerg to the United States. Will the next chapter be a chronological description of what happened here. For better or worse.

Chapter 6
Flakkebjerg Reformatories, principal is Beck (diary is performed by Reformatories) (and otherwise everything is written in between is my own comment) 1910 Aug. 12 diary: Emil Andreas Martens (hereinafter referred to as EAM1894) Arriving from Seden Enggaard (For your information burned Seden Enggaard 1913) 1910 Aug. 19 OVR want a report on EAM1894 2 times per year.

1911 Mar. 16 Punishment book: After riots in the living room, EAM1894 sentenced to four strokes with the cane.

1911 Apr. 21 diary: EAM1894 continues his apprenticeship as a carpenter at a local carpenter Niels Hansen Flakkebjerg from May 1, 1911.

1911 Jul. 26 diary: Should stay at home until he had received a few slaps of AL, ran but hesitated, was given a verbal warning by Beck (The reason for this was not specified)

1911 Jul. 28 diary: When EAM1894 in long time (about 14 days) at every opportunity have shown a more than sassy construction burst my (Beck) patience and I took him up and gave him some slaps.

1911 Aug. 8 diary: EAM1894 stole apples in the garden mid-afternoon

1911 Aug. 9 diary: EAM1894 in the kitchen all day (penalty yesterday)

1911 Sep. 15 Reporting from Flakkebjerg to OVR: EAM1894 is a beginning unusually loose in nature, momentarily street urchin-like until the extreme, former wildness we see only remnants of.

1911 Nov. 21 diary: EAM1894 and Aage Christensen noisy and got 6-day involvement of leisure where to production work and a sharp reprimand by Beck.

1912 May 7 diary: EAM1894 were sent home to the Institute of carpenter Niels Hansen with whom he had been unpleasant.

1912 Oct. 31 diary: EAM1894 moves in with carpenter Niels Hansen for the remainder of his time and Nils Hansen must therefore hold health insurance, accommodation and meals. carpenter Nils Hansen welcomes him and he is extremely pleased with him.

1912 Nov. 15 Reporting from Flakkebjerg to OVR: EAM1894 have developed well, he moved in with his apprenticeship, skilled at his profession, very fine and pointed, but otherwise enjoyable.

1913 Jan. 13 Letter from the father sent to OVR: Request to be given my son EAM1894 permission to travel to his brother in America. The brother will send the ticket to the journey and to pay all costs associated with the trip.

1913 Jan. 24 Letter from Flakkebjerg to OVR: On EAM1894 I consider it natural to meet his father’s wish, he is finished here in mid-August so it’s only about a few months. His development has been satisfactory, although he is easily in his behavior, however, susceptible to good words. And I would be inclined to think that will become more dependent on others over there than if he stayed home Denmark.

1913 May 1 diary: EAM 1894 was very excited when information came that he had been allowed to travel to his brother in America.

1913 May 29 diary: Lundgaard traveled to Copenhagen with EAM1894 to take care of him right placed on board “Oscar the II” by which he makes the crossing to America to be there received by his brother.

1913 May 31 Introduced in OVR protocol: Brother in North America is advertised on arrival according to Beck and they are certain that he will be there on arrival.

1913 Jun 11 Introduced in OVR protocol: It is added on this page are “No longer on the OVR” STAMPED (The case is therefore closed in Denmark)
EAM1894 lived with his brother and assumed worked there as a carpenter until he was conscripted June 5, 1917 Fort Harrison Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. And here he has probably met a Merrill who has lured him to Maine for here he was married July 26, 1919 with Margaret E. Merrill.
Merrill family was very large, according to Michael Wayne Martens, on which he told me he had to travel from Maine, for all the girls he met there, was he in a way related to.

So EAM1894 was fresh blood in Maine.
They had 6 children and later divorced Emil and Margaret. Emil died on April 10 1963. He was shot in a hunting lodge in the woods of Maine, and his killer was never found End of this story