3.Ejner Andreas Märtens

Ejner Andreas Petersen and Lee Peterson born March 28 1907 in Vejle Denmark, all the same person.

There is no doubt that when Anna Katrine Marie Märtens 1890 mother dies of a brain tumor in 1904, the family more or less disintegrates. Anna is then 14 years old and has just been confirmed and becomes pregnant as a 16 year old and gives birth 28 March 1907 with a boy who is christened Ejner Andreas Märtens

And Anna Katrine Marie Märtens and Ejner Andreas Märtens move together to her future husband Jens Christian Amelung Petersen at his address, but we will see that he changed his name when his parents got married in 1913 so now his name is Ejner Andreas Petersen.

1907 is the year where Emil is removed from home and certainly that big brother Carl Frederik 1879 plans to emigrate to the USA as he also does in 1908. Anna and Ejner now live in the same block in Vejle as Agnete Margrethe Brabrand 1877 and her 2 children after Carl Frederik 1879 and a new Martin Heinrich Brabrand born 1904 (father a sailor)

And there is no doubt that there will be a bond between Ejner Andreas Petersen and Agnete Margrethe Brabrand, because they live in same house block.

When first Agnete Margrethe 1877 travels to Endicott in 1919 and then is followed by 1 of her sons Frederik Carl Martens in 1921 and Martin in the beginning of 1922 then the 15 year old Ejner Andreas also wants to Endicott.

And he arrives at Ellis Island November 21, 1922 where he is being held back for examination by relatives in the United States and November 22 he arrives at Endicott.

But he has tasted the big city and he travels to New York City where he finds work and also a Norwegian girl Gudrun Hansen who was born in 1907 in Oslo. But now Ejner Andreas Petersen changes his name again and now calls himself Lee Peterson (probably his nickname for his work at the same time, it must be stated that the use of the sen late in the surname stands for son in Denmark and Norway).

Gudrun and now Lee are getting married 03 mar. 1928 at City Hall in N.Y. and Gudrun is now pregnant and gives birth to a son October 30, 1929 who is christened Henry Peterson.
The disaster occurred March 28, 1930 in which Lee Peterson died (according to papers 321 Clove Rd Bronx, New York, USA). So now Gudrun sees no other way than she and the child travel to the Martens family in Endicott and here she meets Martin Heinrich Brabrand who has now been given the name Martin H. Martens and they get married 11 apr. 1931 then Henry Peterson changes his name to Henry Martens.
Again a disaster, because now Gudrun dies March 17, 1933 Chenango, Broome, New York and Martin choose to keep Henry, and Martin gets a housekeeper to help him.

When Henry Martens comes in as a soldier, his papers say that his real name is Henry Peterson so now he changes his name again. And after his military service he marries Julia Cervantes and they have 3 children, Martin born 29 Jan. 1955 Dallas TX, David 8 Nov. 1957 Dallas TX and Kima June 2, 1960 Dallas TX.

Martin marries Pamela May and they have 2 daughters Erin Michelle Peterson 3 Mar 1983 Tarrant TX and Lauren Elise Peterson 24 Mar 1986 Tarrant TX. Erin Michelle is married to Sean McCord and they have a daughter Eleanor Rae McCord born in 2015. (Martin and Pamela are subsequently divorced). Henry died 2019 in Dallas. I’m sorry Henry Peterson did not discover that he had several cousins who are descendants of siblings of Henry’s father.

I have spoken very briefly on the phone with Kima and David, but no one wants to hear that they actually have a genetic connection to the Martens family as they say that it was only a foster family, now it does not make it better that I say I call from Denmark then they become very suspicious and think it is about cheating and fraud.
Anna Katrine Marie Märtens and Jens have 2 more children Kaj Frans Amelung Petersen born 7 Nov. 1913 in Vejle and Ellen Marie Amalie Amelung Petersen born 14 Sep. 1917 in Vejle.