1.Why Martens Family

Around 1800 there was war in almost all of Europe, France with their allies Spain on one side and England on the other side.

In the middle were the neutral countries of Denmark-Norway and Russia, but in March 1801 sailed a fleet of British ships against Denmark in order to get the Danish Crown Prince Frederik to understand that he should not let the Danish ships sail for France. When the Danish fleet was prepared for winter, they could easily defeat the few Danish ships were ready after winter, the Crown Prince Frederik Accepted to Danish ships would not sail to French ports.
The Danish King Christian VII suffered from dementia praecox, why it was Crown Prince Frederik who reigned from the time he was 16 years old.
If you have heard of the Danish film “A royal affair” it’s King Christian VII, there is the King and his son Crown Prince Frederik 4 years old.
Napoleon Bonaparte came to power in 1804 and subsequently lost their French/Spain fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. but when France won on land, there came an alliance between France and Russia, therefore the British fear that the Danish fleet would fall into French hands.
In September 1807 let England a large fleet and 30,000 soldiers departing from England to Copenhagen to secure the Danish fleet, which at the time was the third largest in Europe, after fighting led by Lord Nelson, the British bombarded Copenhagen with fire rockets that put almost all of Copenhagen in fire, then surrendered the crown prince himself.

The British took 79 warships including 17 ships of the line with 3 gun deck, 17 frigates with 2 gun deck and 45 smaller warships with 1 gun deck. In addition, 243 other ships it was almost all the Danish merchant fleet.
And all the vessels responded to 90,000 oak trees over 100 years old.
Denmark was the neutral, and the Danish warships were used only to escort the Danish merchant ships against pirates and privateers, at that time Denmark had what today is called the United States Virgin Islands, there were 2 forts with trading post on the African west coast, a fort at Tarangambadi, Tamil Nadu, India, which also served as a trading post, Nicobar islands, Serampore trading post, in addition, Iceland and Greenland, and why I write Denmark-Norway was that Norway was part of Denmark at the time.
The Danish crown prince would let a new naval construction, but there were no oak trees, where a country must be covered by 12-13% forest so that it can meet its own needs for timber, Denmark was covered only by 2-3%, reason for that was, that Denmark had spent a lot of timber for house construction and the Danish ships.

The Danish Crown Prince issued a decree in 1807 that where before there had been forest was again afforested, regardless of what was on the ground.
But Denmark lacked many good forest ranger, therefore let Tirsbaek castle near Vejle in 1808, to pick someone as far away as Hannover in Germany, and it was Johan Frederik Jacob Märtens. It subsequently took a Danish local girl Christiane Hansen as he the January 25, 1812 married in Engum church close to Vejle. Johan Frederik Jacob Märtens ended up being manager for all forester on the castle
And that was the beginning of family Martens Vejle. So no war no family.

They had 4 children all born in Engum, where the youngest Carl Frederik Märtens born 1815 is the one we must follow, he married and moved to Daugaard close to Engum, he got 2 boys Frederik Carl born 1848 in Daugård who was a carpenter and Thomas Christian born 1852 in Daugård who was master builder and later grocery store in Juelsminde. There are still Märtens descendants of Thomas Christian Märtens in Juelsminde.
Frederick Carl became known as mill builder and shipbuilder and a familiar face in Vejle. If you look at the family tree, then look under View profile there you will find photos there are both taken from Vejle city archive, I will later make references on the Internet.
Frederick Carl Märtens married Sidsel Marie and they had 5 children.
Firstborn was Carl Frederik known as the bedstefar (grandfather) there also was trained as a carpenter and later traveled with his father on the tasks of building mills, saw him, we will return to later.
Second-born, Jens Marinus who got her own hair salon in Vejle.han got 2 children, a daughter Anna there was clerk and married a mail man and a boy Ejgil there was rope maker, he remained unmarried.

The third-born, Anna Katrine Marie Märtens, she also married a post man and she had 3 children all in Denmark.
The fourth-born was Einar Christian Märtens he traveled to the United States 4 oct 1921 where he met a Danish girl and married her and they had a son in Endicott, but traveled back to Denmark around 1928 and established himself in a village close to Vejle.
The last was Emil Andreas Märtens, he came to America and settled in the State of Maine, he married Margaret E Merrill and they had 6 children. Several of Emil’s descendants live in Maine, Florida and New Jersey.
The family tree spreads perhaps a bit much, but it’s to see if it fits together, but when in looking at it, style your curser over the person and then key on view profile, here is all the information I have found. I will make a list of the places online where there is information about Märtens people who are also on the tree.

Carl Frederik Märtens 1879 known as the bedstefar met Agnes Margaret Brabrand known as the bedstemor in Randers where he and his father were at work, and here was Frederick Carl Martens born in 1899 and based in Vejle again was Carl Frederick born in 1900, this Carl Frederik was my wife’s father, bedstefar left bedstemor for a younger woman Anna Christine Petrea Vilhelmine Marianne Christensen and they had 5 children in Denmark and 2 in Endicott, one of the children in Denmark died after 16 days, Anna CPVM died in Endicott about 1916 and here was bedstefar now alone with the 2 girls who had come over with their mother in 1910 the 2 boys who had been born in Endicott, so he sent for Agnes Margaret Brabrand who came over in 1919 when they were married, 5 of the 6 children of bedstefar traveled over to family in Endicott, only my father in law Carl Frederik Märtens 1900 was back, even though he had tickets to the same boat departure as his older brother in 1921.

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